Tuesday, November 29, 2005

TECH: New Design Patterns = New Opportunities

I just finished reading the new book “the Google Story” and have been thinking about "Web 2.0", "The Long Tail" and the rise of "Remix Culture". There is definitely something significantly different about today’s internet and now begins the hard work of separating the Hype for the Reality. Is the new web landscape going to be profitible for the smaller and nichier businesses? Is the playing field begining to level as services are freely exchanged in a more organic fashion. Is this the end of the microsoft era and the beginning of the.. google era??? I would venture to say that every marketing machine is reving up it's respective “Web 2.0” story, which is interesting as there's still a huge amount of disagreement about just what Web 2.0 means.

From a technical standpoint there is clearly a new set of "Web 2.0 design patterns" and technologies (Web Services, RSS, AJAX, OpenSource). New user paradigms such as Collective Intellegence, Social Media and all things living ditigally online. The business models can monetize the long tail market through ad revenue or upsell services from their free base offering. Google has shown that using algorithms to automate all aspects of the business model is essential to scale and survival in the long term. Something is clearly happening here.....

Shedding More Light with the following 3 concept illustrations:

1. Web 2.0 Examples (Source: O’Reilly)

Web 1.0

Web 2.0



Google AdSense










Britannica Online



personal websites





upcoming.org and EVDB

domain name speculation


search engine optimization

page views


cost per click

screen scraping


web services




content management systems



directories (taxonomy)


tagging ("folksonomy")




2. Web 2.0 Visualization (Source: O’Reilly)

You can visualize Web 2.0 as a set of principles, practices and technologies.

3. Web 2.0 Check List

  • Give us your email address, we'll let you know when it's ready!
  • Public beta alpha
  • Tags
  • Feeds for everything
  • Built with Rails
  • Sprinkled with Ajax
  • Yellow fade
  • Blue gradients
  • Big icons
  • Big fonts
  • Big input boxes
  • Google Maps mashup
  • Share with a friend
  • TypePad blog for a peek inside the team
  • Feature screencasts
  • Hackathons for new features
  • Development wiki
  • Business model optimized for the long tail
  • It's Free!/AdSense revenue stream

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