Tuesday, November 15, 2005

TECH: Craigslist + GoogleMaps = Cool New Tool

It seems like the greater promise of the web is beginning to happen. In case you’re not aware, I wanted to point out an important trend that’s beginning to gel nicely! Web Sites are growing beyond being just destination sites, but are increasingly providing core services through published APIs, allowing their value propositions to be realized in new and interesting ways. This paradigm has been dubbed “Web 2.0” and turns the internet into a platform for creating new applications. The key technologies involve well established Web Services, XML protocols and Rich Internet Application (RIA) interfaces that allow programmers to integrate one or more site APIs into a newly conceived application. These new applications are called “mash ups” and are reshaping our web experience. Google Maps is leading the way with this new community innovation but there is a groundswell of new APIs and support from the entire industry. Check out a few examples for yourself.

Ebay + GoogleMaps = New Ebay search
Flickr + Blogger = Mobile Photo Blogging
Craigslist + GoogleMaps = Real Estate Tool

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keilo said...

I'm new to the internet but I am an absolute ebay nut. I have started to put together ebay buying site. Ebay selling will hopefully follow.


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